Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas one and All!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Countdown to Christmas: Day 1

Our pile is small, but like tomorrows Animation to-do list it will exponentially grow!

Day 1: In work I have encouraged/guilted everyone into getting involved with this years 2FM Toy Appeal in aid of St. Vincent de Paul. Basically individuals and groups around the country donate brand new unwrapped presents to those in need during the holiday season. All the gifts are dropped off to local SuperValu Grocery stores and from there are sorted/distributed to those deserving. I think it's a great cause and donated gifts last year too. This year however I kinda wanted to step up my game a bit and get my colleagues in A Man & Ink Animation company involved too. The more the merrier right? The owners were very supportive of the whole thing and after work even braved the cold night air in their own quest for festive favours to donate... If you'd like to get involved click the button below for more information: Deadline is December 11th 2011

Countdown to Christmas

It's December 1st and the countdown to Christmas 2011 can finally begin! I can't wait, I love the holiday season so so much! I'm going to try a couple of things this year during the build up to Christmas.

Firstly, like last year I plan on doing/reading/watching/drawing something Christmasy everyday and posting it here...and possible on my Twitter also so stay tuned for daily festive fun...

Secondly, and this is the slightly weird one. My plan is to wear red and green cloths every day 'til Christmas. It's a bit of a silly challenge but one I plan on giving a go regardless. Naturally I don't mean ALL red and green, I don't have red/green pants for example, but every day I'll wear, in different combinations red and green shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets socks etc...Oh and in case you're curious, today I wore a green knitted jumper Neen bought me, with a red Liverpool football jersey and a red and white Ferrari F-1 jacket...Oh and I'm also wearing reindeer socks and a knitted red and white reindeer hat! : )