Monday, November 28, 2011

Tree Hollow Designs

I have been browsing eBay and Etsy recently looking for a piece of original Christmas art to buy, I love the holiday season and wanted if possible to find a special piece I could have up in the studio all year 'round that would remind me of my favourite time of year...

After A LOT of searching I happily stumbled across an absolutely charming shop on Esty. The shop is called Tree Hollow Designs and features the beautiful work of American artist Jessica Gardner.

I'm pretty choosy with the art I buy, I actually only have a handful of pieces in my personal collection. As an artist myself a piece has to really stand out for me to buy it. I found an original watercolour illustration entitled 'Christmas Morning' and instantly fell in love with it. The delicate illustration features a Christmas tree, the artists own dog and his festive bounty.

The package arrived last night and it was literally like Christmas had come early. The painting was wrapped in green wrapping paper and ribbon and was embellished with handmade tags. 

(The package arrived late last night so the light wasn't great for taking photos. Instead I snapped a quick shot before unwrapping and took the following photos this morning)

In addition to the painting I bought (pictured above) the artist very generously included 2 hand painted Christmas cards (also tied up in festive green ribbon) and a personalized card featuring a print of an original  watercolour illustration.

I cant tell you how much all the extra effort and the special gifts meant to me. The painting will remain a very cherished possession for years to come. If you are looking for a special present for someone or are hoping to add to your own personal art collection I cannot recommend Tree Hollow Designs and the work of Jessica Gardner enough. Her entire shop is wonderful and everything is extremely extremely good value and of very high quality. If you have a spare few minutes make sure you drop by her Etsy Shop by clicking any of the images above.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Morning Comics

Sunday morning comic books in bed... this morning I was reading Spectacular Spiderman 'Lo this Monster' (1968) by Stan Lee and John Romita. Really fantastic story and Romitta's drawings are the best Spiderman art out there...

(Playing around with this retro photo app Nokia gave much fun!)

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dinner with Family in Scotty's Steakhouse

Had dinner with Neen, Mom and Dad tonight in Scotty's after visiting the Galway Continental Christmas was wonderful as usual, if you're ever passing through Galway make sure you drop by for a bite!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hallowe'en '89

My lil sister and I around Halloween 1989 I think...San Angelo, Texas, USA

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Congratulations Ireland!

Congratulations to the Irish Football team on their qualification for the Euro 2012 Tournament! Bring on Poland/Ukraine!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

President Michael D, Keith Duffy and Family at Terryland Park

A young fan, Keith Duffy and President Elect Michael D. Higgins

Neen, Tuna, and Ant with President Elect Michael D. Higgins

Cast of Big Maggie  - Druid Theater Galway with President Elect Michael D. Higgins.

President Elect Michael D. Higgins. and dedicated United Supporter.

Neen, Keith Duffy and Tuna

Dad, Neen Ant and Tuna at Terryland Park

  President Elect Michael D. Higgins at Fridays Galway United Match

   President Elect Michael D Higgins and Galway United Terry the Tiger.

Photos from last night special Michael D Higgins Celebration/Premier Division Play-Off match. I was as per usual taking shot before and during the match. The game didnt go our way, and Galway United will be relegated to the Second Division necxt year but we are all staying possitive...

I brought Neen, Ant, Tuna and Dad into meet President Michael D. Higgins during the half time interval. Neen wanted to have a photo taken to send to her grandfather so she was thrilled...

Neen and Shauna also got a shot with Actor/Singer Keith Duffy...they were both thrilled - and Keith was a really sound guy...

I Heart deviantART!

I love deviantART. I've been on it for over 7 years and am always encouraging fellow artists, especially those setting out on their professional careers to set up an account. I have a website, blog, flickr...all of that stuff, but deviant has garnered more business, interest and good will for me than any other online art forum.

I love the sense of community - and love buying bits and bobs from the shop.  All the revenue from the sale of my own deviantART prints goes straight back into the deviantART community...I've been saving up my deviantART dollars for ages to by a new tshirt... (My green deviantArt T is a bit worn from wear at this stage...)

Finally the last day a print sold and I was able to order the high decibal t-shirt I've had my eye on...

Well, I couldn't believe it when my FedEX package arrived, Maria, in the deviantART office had included in the parcel a free tshirt and a buttload of awesome deviant stickers too...

It doesnt matter how old I get free things always makes me happy. The ones that are delivered via snail-mail are even better. I love 'em guys! Thanks devianART!