Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Heart deviantART!

I love deviantART. I've been on it for over 7 years and am always encouraging fellow artists, especially those setting out on their professional careers to set up an account. I have a website, blog, flickr...all of that stuff, but deviant has garnered more business, interest and good will for me than any other online art forum.

I love the sense of community - and love buying bits and bobs from the shop.  All the revenue from the sale of my own deviantART prints goes straight back into the deviantART community...I've been saving up my deviantART dollars for ages to by a new tshirt... (My green deviantArt T is a bit worn from wear at this stage...)

Finally the last day a print sold and I was able to order the high decibal t-shirt I've had my eye on...

Well, I couldn't believe it when my FedEX package arrived, Maria, in the deviantART office had included in the parcel a free tshirt and a buttload of awesome deviant stickers too...

It doesnt matter how old I get free things always makes me happy. The ones that are delivered via snail-mail are even better. I love 'em guys! Thanks devianART!

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