Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday Dinner in Scotty's Steak House

On Wednesday - the day before my Birthday, Dad and I went out for dinner and a movie after work. I had been promising him I'd treat him to a steak dinner since last year...finally we got around to actually doing it. Dad had just wrapped up work on some deadlines so it seemed to be the perfect opportunity. For dinner we went to Scotty's Steakhouse in Galway. If you live near or are ever passing through Galway I can't recommend Scotty's enough. Both the food and service are absolutely fantastic. We both ordered the biggest steaks on the menu...After the meal we went to see 'Fast & Furious 5'...and it was actually pretty darn cool! Perfect movie choice for a lads night out! I had a really great time and hope dad and I can do it more often.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Love Blu-ray....Players!

Neen and I finally entered the 21st century last night. After many years of diligent service my Playstation 2 which was doubling up as our household DVD player kicked the bucket. So after work and before my Galway United meeting I dropped into town and invested in a Blu-ray player - a Sony BDP S370 to be precise. I'm not a huge fan of the whole Blu-ray thing. Obviously the quality is a lot better but I'm not quite ready to trade in my DVD's just yet. So for me at least the aspect I was most looking forward to was seeing how the device handled DVD upscaling. 

To get things rolling Neen and I tested my one and only Blu Ray disc 'Fantasia' - the picture and sound were great. (We've had a HD television for years but have never experienced any HD content on it. You see, we still receive an analog TV transmission and my Nintendo Wii isn't HD.)

Next I popped Avatar on DVD into the player and I could not believe the quality. Neen and I were amazed. The upscaling feature works so so well. We are delighted with it!

I'm really glad I spent a little more on a good quality player, HMV were selling Phillips players for as low as €70, but I decided to go for the Sony instead which was €139

There are a load of DVDs I'd cant wait to re-watch on the Blu Ray now...first and formost Kenneth Branaghs version of Hamlet...