Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Love Blu-ray....Players!

Neen and I finally entered the 21st century last night. After many years of diligent service my Playstation 2 which was doubling up as our household DVD player kicked the bucket. So after work and before my Galway United meeting I dropped into town and invested in a Blu-ray player - a Sony BDP S370 to be precise. I'm not a huge fan of the whole Blu-ray thing. Obviously the quality is a lot better but I'm not quite ready to trade in my DVD's just yet. So for me at least the aspect I was most looking forward to was seeing how the device handled DVD upscaling. 

To get things rolling Neen and I tested my one and only Blu Ray disc 'Fantasia' - the picture and sound were great. (We've had a HD television for years but have never experienced any HD content on it. You see, we still receive an analog TV transmission and my Nintendo Wii isn't HD.)

Next I popped Avatar on DVD into the player and I could not believe the quality. Neen and I were amazed. The upscaling feature works so so well. We are delighted with it!

I'm really glad I spent a little more on a good quality player, HMV were selling Phillips players for as low as €70, but I decided to go for the Sony instead which was €139

There are a load of DVDs I'd cant wait to re-watch on the Blu Ray now...first and formost Kenneth Branaghs version of Hamlet...

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