Monday, April 18, 2011

Summer is nearly here

Summer is thankfully slowly creeping in. Sunday was a beautifully sunny day and the cats and I very much made the most of it! I took some photo's and made a couple of small watercolour paintings. I also caught up on a bit of reading and washed and hung out a couple loads of laundry. The cats seemed quite happy to have me joining them outside for the afternoon, wherever I sat they happily followed. I also let the terrapins out for their first  run of the season. (the cats were locked safely away for that) They seemed to have a good time too. If the weather continues to improve I might convert one of these fisher price turtle shape sandboxes into an outdoor pool for them. Something I can leave them in for a few hours on a sunny day. I really just need to figure out a way to cover it. Maybe a thin wire-fence like lid?

I rescued this little guy from the pool of water featured in the previous photo. As you can easily tell I scooped him out with a dis-guarded cigarette box I found under one of the machines, he dried himself off and flew away quite unperturbed by his near death experience...

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brad said...

We had a sandbox like that for our daughter when she was younger. Some hardware cloth (1/4" wire mesh) across it keep cats etc. out of it.