Monday, August 15, 2011

'Ish' by Peter H. Reynolds

I don't buy loads of children's picture books...generally when browsing a book store I only take home the ones that really stand out...If I have to think twice about whether or not I 'need' it, the book generally goes back on the shelf.

'Ish' is one of those books that the minute I read the first couple of lines my mind was made up...It's a truly fantastic book by author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds. I can't recommend it enough -  especially if either yourselves or a small member of your family is an artist.

I'm not going to divulge anything about the story itself - I'd prefer you to experience the wonder that is 'Ish' on your own.... My fellow artists of all ages I implore you, go out and buy this book now! I'ts truly magical!

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brad said...

I looked it up on amazon. It has great reviews there too. Our daughter is older than the audience for the book, but I'll have to try to find it in the bookstore.