Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heron on the Claddagh

I was down town early this week doing some photographic research for a project. When walking along Claddagh, I came across this heron standing in the narrow roadway. I assumed I would only have a fleeting moment to capture a picture before he flew off so I raised my already drawn camera and started clicking. The heron was unperturbed and let me take as many pictures as I wanted. I couldn't figure out what exactly he was doing there. Seconds later he flew on top of a nearby car and kindly posed for a few more shots. Approx. 2 minutes later I realized why he was there. A man emerged from the adjacent house with a bag of food, obviously on cue and proceeded to feed the heron. A nice surprise considering I had spent the morning photographing wooden doors.

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brad said...

Near the inlaws' house there are egrets in the lakes. There is a small lake that comes right up to two houses. There is an egret that hangs out near one of the houses. The woman who lives in that house calls him "David", after her deceased husband. She doesn't feed him, but he stays. He has been known to go fishing in a neighbor's koi pond, however.