Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kick Ass Review

Friday my brother-in-law Antony and I went to see 'Kick Ass' in the Eye Cinema, Galway. (Sweet Popcorn!!!) Antony is just shy of 15 and I had high hopes he would enjoy the movie a lot.

To start, I'm big fan of Romita Jr. and have a lot of respect for Millar's writing so I was hoping for a solid enough translation.

The film works exceptionally well. Aaron Johnson fits the role of Dave Lizewski well. (Kudos to his American accent) I was initially sceptical about the casting of Nicolas Cage for the part of Big Daddy but his Adam Westesque portrayal of the man in black had a normally subdued Irish audience in hysterics. Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) stole every scene she was in. The father/daughter relationship however unorthodox was actually quite charming.

'Super Bads' Christopher Mintz-Plasse is possibly miscast in the role of Red Mist. Saying that he very much made the role his own and there was little or no hint of Mc Lovin' left in his performance. 'Kick Ass 2' will be the true test for this casting decision.

The movie is obviously an homage to/parody of the average comic book story arc. At times you would be forgiven for thinking you had stumbled into Sam Raimi's Spiderman Universe. This is of course intentional, 'Kick Ass' is very obviously an alternate version of the Spiderman story line.

The action sequences are superb, edited to perfection. The soundtrack fits like a glove. The story moves along very well, and bar the final few scenes stays fairly grounded in the realistic world it strives to create. The language however course is integral to the story, and in my opinion rarely included for shock value. Parents rest assured your munchkins wont be exposed to anything they don't already hear in the school yard on a daily basis.

All in all, a great Friday night movie, Spiderman meets Kill Bill! 7.5 out of 10!

I think 15 year old Antony's first comment as we left the cinema says it all, 'I'm buying that when it comes out on DVD!'

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