Saturday, February 19, 2011

I found a Horse Shoe!

For the first time in months it was finally nice enough weather to go outside and kick the ol' football around. Sora came too, mostly to watch although she did "attack" the ball a couple of times just for fun. I wasn't out for long, maybe 40 minutes or so when I found this; a metal horse shoe, slightly eroded and embedded in the ground. I'm really not sure how long it has been there.  Nor can I fathom how exactly I haven't stumbled across it before. It was literally right smack in the middle of the garden. The amateur archeologist in me would love to think it was considerably older than I'm sure it actually is. Still cool though!

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brad said...

It's interesting because the curve is pointed instead of rounded. I tried to find info about the shape of horseshoes, but didn't find anything other than blacksmiths (considered magical in Ireland) shaped them to match the breed and size of the horse.