Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Lizard of the Season

Today started pretty crappily. I have a cold and didn't sleep much last night. It was lashing rain and windy when I woke up and I was very aware and worried about Neen walking to work. I hated seeing her go...I also got a letter in the post I was in no mood to receive, especially today. 

On the plus side I was greeted with the first lizard of the season. He was in the middle of the kitchen floor when I entered to boil the kettle this morning. I'm not entirely sure if it's normal behavior for all lizards but the ones I've encountered play dead when you first find them. They don't budge at all. If they are accidentally overturned they will lay floppy and lifeless on their backs until they no longer deem you a threat. This poor little guy had blood on his nose. Not much, just a dry faint stain. I'm not sure if it was the cats....After a minute or so of lying lifeless and comatose in my hand he suddenly sprang to life and started walking all over the place. He was very friendly and appeared to be in perfect health. I snapped a quick photo and then put him out side in the coal and turf bunker. From my experience it's one of their favorite spots, which they also happen to share with the snails.

Another nice surprise was I received some art from a young talented fan...if interested I uploaded images on my Art Blog here. Off to make some dinner...have a great night!

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Nina O'Brien said...

isnt he handsome ;) seriously though: No Lizards on the dining room table!!!!! ewwww!