Sunday, January 23, 2011

Galway United

I bought a season ticket for my local football team Galway United today. Really really looking forward to the new season which kicks off March 4th. I used to go to United matches years ago with the lads, before Neen and I met but I haven't been to one since. I was talking to the manager Sean Connor and a couple of the panel today, extremely nice guys. I wish the entire team the best of luck this season.

My cousin Mark bought a ticket today too, he's a huge Galway United fan and it's going to be great going to the games with him. Mark plays football for Renmore F.C (rugby and hurling for his school) and is a super talented kid. I've no doubt he could be playing for Galway United or one of the big English teams in a few years. 

Well I have my Galway United shirt and a brand spanking new season ticket. After last seasons near-relegation scare I'm all set for a clean start and a great season...bring on St. Pat's

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