Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Night

Christmas night after leaving Mary and Nathan's house Neen and I dropped out to Nanna and Pop O'Toole's house in Menlo. The entire Irish family was there...I swear this room is shrinking...

Wrapping paper was flying everywhere...

The greatest gift anyone can give a teenage boy...a 24 pack of Coke!

My Godson Ethan building the Lego set we gave him.

Stacy, myself and Neen

Nanna and Pop O'Toole

My sisters Milo and Genny and my cousin Andrew

Neen and my cousin Mark wearing the new jersey we gave him.

Neen and Stacy

Ethan and Me

Stacy and myself answering questions in an activity book she was given.

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Neen said...

never mind the room shrinking I think I am! the height of Mark!!!