Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Writin', Leapin' and Treckin'

Hi guys! I haven't been doing any bloggin' recently, owing largely to the fact that I have been spending 7 hours a day on an actual writing project. After a day staring googily-eyed at the screen, the last thing one wants to do is write about the experience. : )

Neen and I watched the last episode of Quantum Leap tonight. She has been hugely enjoying the recently borrowed box-set, however I get the distinct feeling she was annoyed, if not a smidge dispirited by the ending. I personally liked the episode, but I understand her disappointed. Neen has been waiting years to find out how Sam's journey ends. Since childhood in fact. In her mind the perfect ending was already written, nothing the show's writers came up with could never have satisfied everyone. Luckily a new movie is being penned by original series scribe Don Bellisario. At least that's something to look forward to. While the original cast members Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell will not reprise their respective roles, they will take part in the production in some facet or another.

Coincidentally I too am nearing the end of a box set. I have been watching All 7 series of Star Trek the Next Generation since last May. I am nearing the end at all all to hasty pace. Only a couple of episodes left...'heavy sigh'! Luckily I have the first 3 series of Star Trek Deep Space 9 (which I have never seen) to move on to so the sense of loss and abandon will be short lived.

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