Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Moment

I was working in the dining room today. It's a perfect spot to write on sunny afternoons as the light beams directly through the window and illuminates the room for a few special hours each day.

There was this one perfect moment where time seemed to stand still. I'll set the scene.

I'm typing. Sunlight bounces confidently off the polished dining room table. Music trickles through the thick padded earpads of my DJ style headphones. To my left the terrapins are basking, eyes closed on their floating island. Necks stretched high and proud the glistening, water tickles their toes. Directly in front of me, sitting on the window sill is Hope the cat. She catches my intrusion and for a split second stares back before returning to her world. Sora is sleeping below her on a dining room chair. Hidden behind several white tiers of drying laundry I can only see her tail. It's a deceptively frosty day outside and the radiator is throbbing wearily, cocooning both the cats and clothes in a steaming pocket of heat. The music continues to flow, quietly and perfectly as both the moment and song eventually ebb away.

I quickly jotted down the following poem in a desperate attempt to capture the moment before it was gone forever.

Sun gleaming.
Brothers vying.
Cats dreaming.
Morpheme tying.
Clothes steaming.
Shadows dying.

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Nina O'Brien said...

beautiful post and poem baby