Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning Neen woke me up early at about 6:30 and guess what? Santa did come! He also left the sitting room in a bit of a mess. Snowy footprints all over the place...tut tut! : ) He very kindly left a tin of tuna for Sora and a tin of Salmon for Hope. Before continuing on his way he also filled our stockings with sweets and  gobbled the milk and cookies we left out for him.

Tired and groggy, with the TV glowing in the background Neen and I then exchanged cards and gifts...I bought her a Rocha John Rocha leather handbag, 'A Nuns Story' starring Audrey Hepburn on DVD, wool, ribbon, buttons, thread and other bits for her sewing box, red pajamas, a wedding album filled with all of our wedding photos and a Gold Sapphire Ring. I think the ring and the wedding book were her favorites and the biggest surprises. The ring is based on the Princess Diana/Kate Middleton engagement ring which Neen fell in love with the minute she saw it. As for the wedding album, up 'til that point as much as Neen wanted to we hadn't gotten around to putting one together! Neen gave me....

A portable DVD player because my old one is years old and buggered from over use.
Super Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary Edition for the Nintendo Wii! This collects all four original Mario games for the NES and SNES. This is cool for a couple of reasons. As a kid I never owned a Nintendo, actually I didn't own any computer game console until well into my teens. I loved the original Super Maro games but only got the chance to play them, albeit briefly at my friends house. Now years later I finally get to! The second cool thing is this. When Neen was a kid Santa brought her a Nintendo and Super Mario Brothers 3. SMB3 was literally the only game she ever owned. She loved it and played it over and over and over. 19 years later to the day she first played Super Mario Brothers 3 the two of us played it together.

Neen loves Chanel and one day while in Boots we stumbled across this. Bleu de Chanel. Neen loved it and immediately sprayed me from head to toe with it, practically leaving the tester dry. I'm definitely not one for most colognes and after shaves but this I really liked. Coolest thing about it is the bottle. Really beautiful design and wait for it...magnetic lid! Yep hold the cap above the nozzle and the lid snaps smoothly into place!
Iron Man 2 on DVD

An Oral B electric toothbrush, which I love and have really wanted for years!

and Toy Story 3 on DVD!

Thanks ya and I love my gifts!

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Neen said...

Thank you for the wonderful gifts Morg, I loved them!