Thursday, April 8, 2010

Liverpool Kits

Liverpool Football Club and Adidas released next Seasons home kit today. The adidas strip represents a modern interpretation of the one worn during the triumphant 1989-90 campaign, in which the Reds won title number 18. The release of this kit got me thinking about my favorite Liverpool Shirts.

This is the first football jersey I ever bought on the day it was launched. I was travelling up to Dublin on the City Link Bus towards the end of my first year of college. I had a small amount of money left over from my grant, so decided to splash out. I really loved the simple design. Liverpool ended up winning the Champions League in this jersey. Liverpool vs AC Milan, Istanbul 2005, by far my favorite Liverpool game. I watched it in a hotel room in Paris. At half time we were 3 nil down, dead and buried. Second half we scored three goals and ended up winning on penalties. Best game ever!

I didn't start supporting Liverpool until 1995 when my family and I moved home from America. My cousin and a few close friends supported Liverpool and Irish players McAteer and Babb were on the team so it was an easy decision. That year I broke my hand playing Hurling and needed to go to the hospital. After a couple of x-rays and the application of a cast we stopped in town for some lunch. At the time Liverpool were due to change technical sponsor from Adidas to Reebok so there was a massive sale mid season. My mum bought me this jersey for 10 pound that day, reduced from 35 and I literally lived in it! I loved it so much. It was my first football jersey, first Liverpool jersey and probably my first item of sports clothing as well.

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