Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wedding Speakers

A day or two before our wedding last October during the rehersal in the church we discovered the sound system available to us for the ceremony wasn't going to work. It simply wasn't loud enough. No one in the top half of the church could hear the music, (and that was with the building half empty). At that stage we were literally out of money, and renting or buying expensive equipment wasn't in all honesty an option. I decided in the end to transfer the wedding songs to my mp3 player at the highest quality possible. I then went down town to buy a set of high quality but cheap portable speakers. I needed the speakers to have a standard 3.5mm jack and have as high a wattage as possible given our budget. In the end Expert Electrical in shop street Galway very kindly directed me to another shop 5 minutes away that had these JBL speakers on sale for €24. They worked a treat. My mp3 player at the time a Sony S Series allowed me to fine tune the settings so that the music would play at very high volumes without any crackling or interference at all. In the end the 12 watt speakers worked perfectly. I'm writing this because they were misplaced after the wedding and I just today got them back. I have them set up in the studio to use with both the computer and my mp3 player the sound quality is fantastic.

On the morning of the wedding It was down to me to install the sound system and make sure it was working properly and was ready for the musician. 45 minutes before launch time I was in the church with Keith one of my groomsmen. At that stage I hadn't changed into my tux and was wearing jeans and an Italian rugby jersey. Long story short I by no means looked the part. The groundsman came up for a friendly chat. After a few minutes he asked in passing whether I knew the groom...

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