Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Comic Book Day

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day world wide! Past couple of years Neen and I arrived in town late and the pickings at that stage were pretty poor. This year however I meant business, and we were at the doors of our local comic book shop in Galway 'SubCity' by 11. By we I mean myself, Shauna (11) and Antony (15). They are Neens lil' brother and sister. Ant recently read his first graphic novel, 'Kick Ass' by Mark Millar and John Romitta Jr and was interested in expanding his palette. Brian in SubCity was really great and let them take as many comics as they wanted. I think they really appreciated the special treatment and secretly loved seeing all the other customers restricted to the 1 comic per customer rule!

I must add one thing...We are lucky to have FCBD! Next year please don't harass your local comic shop owner with daft questions like 'Is this sealed hard-cover graphic novel, retailing at €25 free too?' Or 'Why cant I have that complete Battlestar Galactica Box set, the sign says free comic book day'...Support your local comic book store, buy a comic book or graphic novel today!

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