Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Computer!

My current work computer is a behemoth, a beautifully glorious beast of a machine. I love it! It roars to life every morning and has taken everything I've ever thrown at it! The problem is she's a desktop pc and lives solely in the dark chasm I call 'The studio'.

At the end of a long day I'd love to do a bit of writing, wander through deviant, or check out a few videos on Youtube but the idea of spending any more time out there alone is a serious deter-ant as I'd much rather be relaxing with Neen in the sitting room.

With this is mind Neen my wonderfull wife bought me a Netbook for my birthday yesterday, It's a beautifully compact 10" Asus eepc 1005p and I love it. It's silky black and I call it 'Toothless'

Reasons being: Number 1 it reminds me of a Nightfury and number 2 this particular model has Bluetooth, which is super handy for transferring files and images from my phone. Thank you Neen! : )

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melanie said...

Happy belated birthday Morg. :)