Sunday, September 11, 2011

The High Kings LIve in Salthill

I brought the missus to see one of her all time favourite groups 'The High Kings' when they were playing in Salthill Saturday night. There was minor concern that the inclement weather would hamper crowd numbers (we nearly blew away walking the promenade out to Salthill) But by the time the act went on stage the ol' ballroom was packed. 

We were a motley crew to be honest. Fans from 16 to 60 braved the elements to see the visiting musicians.  I'm a firm believer that its well worth being uncool and turning up as early as possible to get a good seat, so we were the first in the doors and had front row seats...The High Kings were great...very talented musicians, great showman and nice guys to boot. 

They weren't the only musicians performing that night. Before the show we were treated to a number of songs from 4 young fans sitting in the balcony section...One of which was even invited to sing one song on stage with the group later in the night. The official opening act was young Mark Boylan - another under-age talent who has had the opportunity to open for a number of recent HK shows. Even at such a young age Mark had great stage presence as he sang a number of covers and a couple of his own songs too. A definite rising star.

Neen was really hoping to get a photo with the group. After a missed opportunity before the show we assumed a precious chance was missed - but luckily and quite generously the group announced at shows end they would be signing autographs and selling merchandise immediately after the show. So Neen bought their brand new CD, 'The High Kings Live in Ireland' and had it signed by the entire band. Not only that but she also got photographs with each and every member. The guys were wrecked and drenched in sweat but were true gents with their adoring fans, and gave 110% to everyone who waited after.

If you like traditional Irish music, make sure to pick up their new album in stores now... 

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