Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maureen O'Hara you still owe me €3

Years ago, when I was acting as assistant Events-Controller during the Galway Film Fleadh I had the opportunity to meet Maureen O'Hara. Myself, Events Controller Dave Coyne and a couple of representatives from the Fleadh and the Town Hall met her at the door and brought her through the back entrance away from photographers and fans. Maureen was an extremely nice woman, very friendly and chatty...Well during my brief spell in the green room (I glamourously spent the rest of her visit acting as personal security more than anything) Maureen asked if anyone had hair spray. No one did so I offered to go buy her some...I returned 10 minutes later, gave Mrs O'Hara her spray - she's doused herself in a cloud of it and went onstage...

Well Sunday last Neen, my parents and I went out to Cong, co Mayo for the day and visited Ashford Castle. We were delighted to find out 'The Quiet Man' festival was on. As we walked through the gates of the Castle we noticed a procession of bagpipers coming towards us so we pulled in to let them pass. I was filming the bagpipers and noticed a vintage Emerald car pulling up the rear. None of us noticed  until it was directly infront of us that it was Maureen O'Hara herself...The first thought that popped into my head was..." She still owes me three quid! : )

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