Thursday, September 1, 2011


I love my gadgets...and after a lot of contemplating...research, dropping into phone stores (sorry Neen) I finally upgraded my phone. I contemplated getting an iPhone 4 for a bit, I even thought about waiting for an iPhone 5...but in the end decided I'm not really an iPhone kinda guy. Iv'e used Nokia's my whole life so decided to stick with the Fins...

In the end I opted for the Nokia N8, and boy am I happy I did. What swung it for me is the camera. It's easily the best on the market (12MP camera, Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash, HD Video)... It' actually takes better shots than my own personal camera...when I heard that a major firmware update for the camera was soon to be released I knew now was the perfect time to get it. When I sat down and asked myself what exactly I was looking for in a portable device, the camera, OS and build quality were the most important factors for me. (I don't really care about novelty apps, or games.) The N8 is rock solid. The new Symbian Anna operating system is superb and like I said the camera rocks so I'm delighted.

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