Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cat Tales

Yesterday morning as per my usual I fed the cats and turtles, made a cup of coffee, checked and answered any new emails, then set up the desk to start watercolouring. As I walked back and forth preparing, I could see Hope sitting on a pile of rubble in the garden, roughly 20 feet away. I walked from one room to the other, losing sight of Hope for at most 10 seconds. When I came back in she was lying in the middle of the table, sprawled in all her three legged glory, I can't imagine how she got through the window so quickly. Thought it was funny so snapped a photo. She chilled on the table for an hour or so while I drew then went back out to bask in the morning sun.

Today one of the local strays was sitting on the window quite pleasantly watching me work. I decided to take a couple of pictures while he was in such an amicable mood. Although somewhat alarmed he posed quite generously. I remarked to my wife it was unusual that he was behaving in such a friendly manner and for the first day ever hadn't made any attempts to sneak in even though the window had been left ajar for the entire afternoon. At 7:30 I finished work and went into the next room to watch the Japan-Denmark Game (Go Blue Samurai's!)...10 minutes or so later over the drone of the Vuvuzelas I could hear a slurping noise. I looked down to see the black and white cat (3 feet away) staring up at me with a big ol' milk mustache. Shocked by his candor I stared back blankly for a moment before standing up to shoo him away. Very funny and cheeky but as my wife always says, "God loves a chancer"

Sora the Explora never ceases to make me smile, she is and has always been interested in watching me work, as a kitten she'd follow me every where. If I was outside collecting turf she'd come too, If I was running the bath she'd sit next to me on the tubs edge and watch the bubbles rise...(Sora is fascinated by water). Today as I was watercolouring she came in through the now infamous open window and sat her self down on the table right in front of me. I was concentrating too carefully to move her so I instead let her be while she was behaving herself. For a while she just watched as I dipped the brush into the paint, applied the brush to paper, rinsed in the water etc. I continued these steps dip, paint, rinse. Over and over. She sat there intrigued. With the jar of water in particular. Eventually curiosity got the better of her and to my amazement she submerged her entire furry five-toed-paw into the narrow glass jar, soaked she pulled it back out, sniffed her dripping appendage and lay back down satisfied with her discovery.

In this picture below she is sleeping on the window sill in between the narrow gap between the window pane and an ajacent box, quite snug and cozy.

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melanie said...

So cute! Our jack likes to dip his paw in the doggies water bowl, until it is absolutely drenched, then he proceeds to lick the water off his paw, then repeats the process all over again, and he will happily do this for at least half an hour, quite content, cats are funny little critters, lol. :)