Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Competition Time!! Free Art Give-Away


Hi Guys It's Competition Time! All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is...

1. Leave a comment below


2. Be a follower of this blog!*

Easy Peasy! Up for grabs are the following:

First Place:
2 Signed Prints,
4 Postcards,
AND an Original Watercolour Illustration!!!

Runner Up:
4 Postcards
AND an Original Watercolour Illustration!!!

Closing Date is Friday the 18th of June 23:59 UTC/GMT. I will choose at random two winning comments and the winners will be announced here the following morning, Best of Luck!

*If for any reason you are unable to follow a Blogger blog but would still like to enter feel free, if you are a fellow member of deviantART 'watching' me on deviant will more than suffice, just leave your user name along side your comment below!

First Place
Runner Up


Stine said...

yay a chance to win free stuff :D
and nice free stuff

katiegallagher said...

Hi Morgan,
I've already been following your blogs because I like your artwork with animals. They make me happy. I think it is pretty neat you are doing a give-away. What made you decide to do it?

Elisabeth said...

this is great :)
i've been watching you on deviantart for a few weeks (found you through your awesome tapir drawings)!

belit said...

yay!! i love your art!! following you.. ^^

Cupcakez said...

wee comment of comment-ness!

*is lonlyXcupcake13 on dA*

Jeska said...

Holy cow! What a great giveaway!


Dario said...

How sweet!
I admire your work! I'm already watching you on deviantart for quite some time! You are a huge source of inspiration for me! Owning a picture of you would make me so proud! :]


mardri said...

love your work hope i win got my fingers crossed^^ i adore it hope to see more of it in the future as well


Ed said...

Comment time! I started following your blog last week; I forget what turned me onto your work (someone's favorite, or a daily deviation?). It is reminds me of my childhood, which in my mind wasn't too long ago.
Thanks for giving us a chance to enjoy your work for free!
Are you planning on putting a book together collecting all your illustrations?

charco said...

I commented on the wrong post, that's how wonderful I am.

This is me joining the fray with all the others.

matthew Hayton said...

You’re an inspiration. I love your work so much. :)

TEE said...

i think i told you i was shocked i wasn't watching you already as i only reccentely added you. But new discoveries are still great! I'd love to own somne of your art :D

Chafe said...

Oh, heck, why not? There's very little art I can envision myself putting on walls - but yours is among it.

Ever seen the art of Sandra Boynton? She illustrated Hippos Go Berserk, a book I had memorized when I was little. Maybe that's part of the appeal for me in your artwork. Nostalgia. :)

I already watch you on dA, but I'll see if I can follow this through Google Reader.


Chris said...

Another place to follow you! EXCELLENT!

I currently don't have a blogger account, but I will certainly bookmark you and check in regularly. I follow you on DeviantART and look forward to your entry in the CAPTAIN CANUCK 35th ANNIVERSARY Art Contest!

deeterhi said...

I love your artwork and I follow you on deviantart. Your animal pictures are so simple yet make a big impact with the emotions they provoke.


Lazymom/Sachertorte said...

It's me, Lazymom, from DeviantArt. (I go by Sachertorte everywhere else) I adore your artwork. We have the poster of yours that I bought on my son's wall and he LOVES it. You totally rock and I am in awe of your exquisite talents.

jpollard said...

awesome! your bears are already my desktop background, would be so great to own an original too.

Dexter Smith said...

Heyo, your art makes my day, its innocence is a refreshing break from reality, and reminds me of how great life is being a kid, with ideas of dinosaurs and toys with fluffy animals being everything. Thank you for your art, your gift to the world. I love getting my watchlist updated with your art on deviant art. Thanks to you again.

Luísa said...

Here's a fan from Portugal, you're illustrations amaze me. Wish you all the lucky in the world.

Seelenfein... said...

I follow your blog at this time, because i love your painted work. It´s for me, like crochet - it´s healthy for my soul. ;o)

Nice greets from Germany,

DuckyPorkchop said...

I love the dinosaur post card! Please enter me in the contest. Also do you sell these somewhere?!

Arielle said...

I had to leave a comment!! I saw your blog on deviantart and I knew I wanted a chance to win some of your pieces :]

Wheezy said...

hiiii spinny green man!
commenting in hopes to win things to make my walls pretty and also to take the focus off the mess on the ground!
blogs are highly enjoyable!

rosu said...

hello spinny green man! that has become how we refer to you in our house because we all love your drawings.
if i get one of your drawings i will probably marry it.
just sayin.

Aya said...

Wow I just came to you when i was surfing betteo stuff.. and you r what I'm wanna be in my professional life, to be a kids book illustrator!

i'm also followiwng u in deviantart

andrei said...

lovely works,morg =D


Hartter said...


Lysistrata said...

I'm already watching you on Deviantart, I love your work :) Did you win the contest last time, when you asked in Deviantart if we could vote for your drawing ? I hope so :3

I am

fealu said...

Ah, this works out perfectly anyway, since I love following artists' blogs. Thanks!

John Johnman said...

I didn't know you had a blog!!! I love your artwork :) And I loooove free things XD My name on here links back to my deviantart

Kai said...

Hey there, I've been a follower on deviantArt for almost a year now! I am absolutely in love with your illustrations and actually own two pins that I bought from your Zazzle account. The link to my deviant Art is

Thanks, Kaitlin