Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Origami, Bread Stories and Pigeons!

Don't know about you guys but sometimes it's kind of hard to figure out what exactly to write a blog about, I mean mondain and boring stuff happens every day to all of us, the first barrier is naturally what has happened recently or otherwise that I am actually interested enough to relive...the second problem: who really cares enough about said event to want to hear or read about it themselves.

Neen and I have a name for these types of stories...when I come home with some excruciatingly boring tale for example: about a pigeon I saw staring at his reflection in a puddle, (something only I would ever find interesting)...we call these 'Bread Stories'. This name stems from my habit to often when in town buy bread for lunch, no butter or filling just boring ol' bread...why....because I like bread, I don't think it needs all the extra stuffing to be tasty!

The following lines are suitably bromidic!

This is what's happening right now, a glimpse into my world riveting or otherwise. It's just shy of 1a.m. I'm blogging, just answered a few comments on deviant. My wife is next to me on the other side of the couch giggling to videos on youtube on her very girly, very pink Dell laptop.

Our internet providers have reduced our broadband speed for the next few days to a snails pace, because according to them we have exceeded our monthly download allowance. I'm not buying it, I think they are chancing their arm, hoping we'll pay for the extra GB's...I'm stubborn and am not planning on giving'l be back to normal on the 14th. Generally it's only around 1mb/s anyway, although I think at the moment they've capped it at approx 0.15mb/s!! It's so so slow, everything Neen is buffering is taking 10 times longer than usual!

Our three legged cat Hope is lying on my lap, in fairness where my netbook should be, instead it has been relegated to the armrest and typing is anything but comfy. Sora our other cat is in her usual spot on the arm chair, sprawled in a furry lump like a failed, crumpled piece of origami. I'm going to head to bed now because I'm seriously over heating, Like I said I have Neen on one side of me, the netbook air vent on the other and Hope in the middle....I'm melting like an m&m!

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ashleyz said...

What is it about bread...myself, I love toast but often grab a slice of bread to snack on (especially martins potato wheat <3 haha) I'm not really into the crunchy bread though...the kind that you have to snap in half....
I don't ever know what to write about. I do like to write about books I'm reading though, which i see you already do. I like how you post a picture for the tv show/book/movie that you're talking about so I might steal that if you don't mind!
Also, sorry about your internet, I often find myself at the mercy of my internet provider. I figure there's not much I can do unless...i created my own internet provider! yesss....haha;;

And I'm not sure where to ask this, but I see that you are a freelance illustrator. I've just decided that illustration is the career that I think will best suit me so I'm starting art school to try and get a degree, and was just wondering if you had any pointers? interesting stories or anything really to say about what its like being an illustrator? :D