Sunday, June 6, 2010

Movie Review...Sex and the City 2

Let me preface by saying that when we woke up that faithful morning, neither myself or my wife had even the slightest idea we would be seeing this film later that the time we got to the cinema their was simply nothing else on.

I'll Keep this brief, 'Sex and the City 1' was terrible, the second installment was worse. To begin with it was gloatingly disrespectful of Middle Eastern culture and customs. I also felt many of the jokes, aimed however in jest towards modern Gay culture to be blatantly disrespectful. I wouldn't be at all surprised if in years to come this film in retrospect is considered quite homophobic.

My wife insures me there was at least one funny line in the film, a joke concerning Jude Law...alas I must have missed it. I was probably counting the ceiling tiles or contemplating what to have for dinner....

I'll never get those two hours back...1 out of 10, and I'm being very generous!

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melanie said...

Dont fancy this, never even saw the first one, just not my cuppa tea. :)