Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Me man...case good...work like should!

There aren’t a huge amount of products or companies I would ever choose to review, but this morning when I received my new Proporta Neoprene 10” Netbook case in the post I was so impressed I thought why not!

Let me preface by saying I have owned one Proporta product before this. A leather and aluminium case for my old Sony NW-A3000 Walkman. I used that mp3 player everyday for years and because of the case it never received a single scratch or dent. It survived many a bus journey to and from college, trips to Paris, Krakow and Manchester, three hurricanes, two tornadoes...well not the hurricanes and tornadoes but no doubt if faced with them it would have bravely endured unscathed. I only updated to a new player because the battery on the old one eventually gave in.

My first Proporta case

I looked everywhere for a decent sleeve for my Asus Eee PC Netbook, I knew if I didn’t get some sort of protective layer it would eventually become terribly scratched, dusty or even damaged. I’m a fond believer in buying the best product your budget will allow and taking care of it. My grandfather taught me that. Speaking of budget’s in this case mine was stubbornly tight. I really didn’t want to/ nor in truth could I spend more than €15 on said case. I initially considered Belkin, but the fit wasn’t at all snug, and the neoprene layer was thinner than I had hoped. I didn’t think it would take a knock or fall, should it be subjected to one. It was also €20+ for their 10” version, more than I was willing to part with. I kept looking but none of the models I tried fit to the level I wanted and I encountered ever thinner levels of neoprene protection.

I eventually decided to just wait. One night last week while meandering aimlessly through the deep dark depths of web, I thought...”I must check Proporta”. A couple of clicks later I was on their site, had found exactly what I was looking for and well within budget. I ordered with a smile of contentment that could rival that of primitive man after a successful hunt.

Moments later I received a confirmation email from Proporta thanking me for my custom “particularly at the moment within the current climate” and offering me 10-25% off my next order. Although generic in conception the email was very personal and charming and got me thinking other companies could learn a lot from Proporta regarding the area of customer care.

Well as I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, the case came this morning, on initial inspection I assumed the case was deceptively stuffed (like all the others I tested) with a removeable foam insert. But it wasn’t! The case was as thick and sturdy as it appeared. Also included where this years product brochure and rather strangely a sachet of English Tea. According to the Proportas FAQ page the teabag was included "Because we are nice and everyone loves a cuppa tea" A great surprise, and super idea.

So guys if you are looking for protective cases for your valuable pieces of tech, iPad, iPod, mp3 player, camera, laptop, netbook etc check out their site www.proporta.com or alternatively their blog which is also pretty darn cool too! http://blog.proporta.com/

All in all I give the Proporta Neoprene 10” Netbook Case. 9 out of 10. Very high quality product, super fast shipping, well packaged and great company…I’m quite confident the case will outlive the netbook itself. I’m dropping a single point because the black colour fabric used will inevitably be a lint magnet, and a few other colour options for this product would have been a bonus.

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