Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy Busy Baboró Bee

It has been a crazy busy week for me...I have a solo exhibition starting monday and to corespond with that will also be holding workshops and meeting school groups. (All as part of this years Baboró International Arts Festival for Children.) A custom hanging system is being installed in the Eyre Square center this weekend in preparation for the exhibition which I will, with any luck be hanging Sunday evening. I have been busying myself contacting various individuals, businesses and organizations who might be interested in seeing the exhibit, finalizing details for the workshops and meet the artist sessions, plus a million other things.

It could be worse though, I've had a killer tooth ache for the past three months, after much coercion  I finally went to the dentist tuesday...I'm not a fan of dentists, doctors either come to think of it. I've luckily been able to avoid the former for the past 16 years. Any way I finally went to the dentist to get the tooth in question, a dodgy molar pulled. Unfortunately/fortunately nothing could be done on the morning, the tooth will have to be surgically removed (ouch) but given my schedule at the moment the operation is being postponed until after the exhibition. In the mean time however they applied a temporary fix which has all but eradicated the pain thank God! Not looking forward to my next appointment at all though. I cant imagine how I'd be managing my current workload if still in the pain I have, up until yesterday been in.

It isn't in truth an ideal time for an exhibition, economically Ireland is in ruins. I wouldn't be at all surprised if not a single piece sells...the bitter truth is, no one seems to have any expendable income. The political climate too is leaving everyone apprehensive, confused and above all frustrated. There is mass unemployment, rising levels of emigration and daily business and residential foreclosures.

Ironically that equally makes now a perfect time to hold an exhibition. People desperately need cheering up. I kinda like the idea that this show is being held in a shopping center, it's my first show outside of the gallery system. and will hopefully open up my work to a much wider audience, many of whom probably wouldn't have seen my new collection had it been in a gallery. 

There's a piece of grafiti in Galway...nothing more than a quick 5-second spray. It says "I hope that when you see me you smile" It's truly wonderful.That's exactly what this exhibition is all about. I hope people in the midst of a hectic work shift, or at the end of  a grueling day of school, stumble upon my art, stop for a minute, smile to themselves and even if only for a moment forget their troubles.

On a more mundane point, Hope has an entire room full of prospective spots to bed, various arm rests, the couch...but no! She has instead positioned herself on my a lap in between myself and the netbook, making it pretty difficult to type. Sora on the other hand is no doubt lying spread eagled on the bed...


Neen said...

your operation will be fine, and I will be there to look after you afterwards- I cant wait to see your work hung up - very proud of ya!
oh and if I had a choice .... I would pick your lap to sit on too :P darn Hope! "shes in my spot!" *said in Sheldon like accent ;) love ya xxx

brad said...

Good luck with your exhibit this week.

brad said...

How was your exhibit, Morg?