Saturday, October 23, 2010

Origami Stegosaurus

I love Origami, but the majority of my attempts thus far haven't turned out so well. I bought some really nice coloured paper in Lidl a few weeks back and really wanted to try out origami again. So I searched the net for a free diagram and stumbled across this guy, an Origami Stegosaurus. I love Stegosaurs, so I was really hoping to do the wonderful design justice. Here is the source of he original design: Origami Stegosaurus which also includes a link to a downloadable .pdf of the instructions! Happy folding!


brad said...

I have a number of origami books, but I don't remember dinosaurs in them, but then I'm a child of a different age. Everything's on the net now. Nice stegosaurus. That's my favorite dino too.

Neen said...

Love this so much and Im really proud you finished it so quick!!