Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pet Mosasaur Plushie

I love to sew, I learnt pretty young how to both hand and machine sew but it is a practical skill I have neglected in recent years. I'm always inspired by the wonderful plushies I see here online but haven't really tried creating one before. 

I found this wonderful pattern on deviantART yesterday and immediately decided to make it. My first attempt is a lot smaller than I'd like. (approx. 13in/34cm in lenght) I only had enough material to create one this size, but I'm going to get some more fleece today, hopefully two shades of gray or something to make a larger one.

Thank you so much IsisMasshiro for the wonderful pattern you made available. If you haven't already seen IsisMasshiro's work check it out now!!! : ) Click the links below to see both the pattern and IsisMasshiro's original plushie.


brad said...

Wow. You and Neen are quite skilled at sewing with "Sarah". I haven't touched my wife's machine. Looks like you did great sewing work on your Mosasaur.

Neen said...

Love it so much Morg, your super talented!! can I sleep with it tonight? ;)