Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dude Day!

Neen and her little sis' Tuna went to Dublin today to attend the Knit and Stitch show being held in the RDS. As her brother and sister usually come up on a friday today it was just Ant and I. When he dropped up we had some lunch then went out to the studio. Ant booted up his computer and I mine, and for a few hours we just listened to music, chatted and pottered about doing our own respective things. I was working on an illustration and Ant visited some sites, played online scrabble...that sort of thing!

We then decided to watch a movie...I raided the DVD pile and we picked 'Avatar'. It's such a great film...I've seen it many times at this stage, but enjoyed it just as much! After the movie Ant and I popped on the Wii and played some Wii Bowling, Golf, Tennis and a few other games. I lost every single game but it was a lot of fun none-the-less! At this stage it was just shy of ten and Neen and Shauna finally arrived home after a long day of walking, talking and shopping! They told us all about their day and showed us the things they bought. Neen brought me home some really cool fabric and ribbon, loads of different Christmas patterns for some festive projects! I cant wait to get creatin' Neen also found some really cool dinosaur and owl buttons too! Thanks hun, I love 'em!

The ladies are in bed now and Ant and I are in the sitting room with the cats about to watch another film, ....Dude day was a complete success, lots of Coke, junk food and testoterone fuelled tomfoolery!

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Neen said...

glad you like them-
after finding out how much you loved the film "I love you Philip Morris" I thought I could get you the collectors edition
Love ya x ;)