Saturday, July 31, 2010


I went into HMV yesterday to check out the current sale, I had a tenner in my pocket and was hoping to find a movie or cd....Ended up getting a couple of fantastic bargains! 

First up: The Incredible Hulk 2-Disc Special Edition DVD for €2.99. I hadn't seen this yet but watched both discs last night and absolutely loved it. Both Ed Norton and Director Louis Leterrier did a wonderful job ...a true shame Norton will not be reprising his role in the Avengers movies but I wish Mark Ruffalo the best of luck.

Next: "Superman The Complete History"  by Chronicles Books for just €4 in HMV. Its just shy of 200 pages and a super read so far...I'm already learning a lot about the 'Man of Steel' I never knew. 

One particular fascinating image in the book is Supergirls super-cat 'Streaky'. I had obviously heard and read about 'Krypto the Super Dog...but up to this point the existence of Streaky has eluded me. I'm going to have to draw an image of her one of these days.

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