Friday, July 23, 2010

Play Ball!

After a long day working in the studio I was a bit wired and googily eyed from staring at the computer so I went outside to kick the football around and get a bit of fresh air and exercise. Sora joined me but naturally just sat and watched. It's at times like those I wish I had a dog to either walk or play with. In all fairness she did at least try. I rolled the ball across the garden towards her...she ran after it and duly pounced on it. However when I asked her (jokingly) to bring the ball back, Sora thought I meant for her to come back, she ran across the garden towards me and purred proudly at my feet....

After a half an hour or so Neen came out too which was a big surprise! We passed the football back and forth for a while but it was getting a bit chilly so she went in to put on a jumper. By the time Neen returned I had brought out the baseball gloves, baseball and American football! I thought who knows when I'll have a sporting partner again, might as well make the most of it. I don't know if many of ye have had the opportunity to throw a baseball back and forth given it's a predominantly american past time but it really is super relaxing. It was Neens first time but she was a natural! The American football however was not as big a hit with the missus. We managed to throw the ol' pigskin around for all of two minutes before Neen decided it was not for her so we reverted back to throwing the regular football again. 

Our evening date ended earlier than planned after the football landed in a pile of thorns... Neen thought throwing the ball back and forth over the house would be fun, I on the other hand was slightly apprehensive about the possibility of the ball getting the end it was my fault. I hurled the ball over the house but as I was standing on a mound of gravel at the time the throw went slightly askew, hit the aerial, ricocheted back towards me and disappeared in some briars.

It was really fun though, and I got the ball out eventually it was just a bit thorny...I really hope we can do it again soon!


Neen said...

I loved spending that time with you :)

brad said...

That pointy ball is awkward to throw. Baseballs are much easier.