Friday, July 23, 2010

Play Ball II - The Sequel

Today the kids and I went up to the football field behind their house to throw around the ball, or in this case balls. I brought up the baseball gloves, American football and football. I'ts a really nice spot called Lee Mellows Pitch. It's next to and owned by the Renmore Army Barracks. Ben the dog came too! He loved  chasing the baseball especially. Any time either of us dropped the  ball he immediately grabbed it an ran off drooling and grunting like a grizzly bear! I love Ben, he's an amazing little guy. 

The jerseys the kids are wearing are kits I won earlier in the year as part of a jersey design competition for Middlesbrough F.C. One of the prizes was a team kit made by Italian kit suppliers Errea. I love Errea as a company. they are the only major sports clothing company in Europe that actually design AND produce their kits in house.. Other companies like Adidas and Nike make the most of cheap production costs in countries like China and Taiwan. I have a lot of respect for a company that still hires locally. 

I love these kits a lot, I'm actually wearing mine too...there just wasn't any photos with me in 'em. They remind me of the very first football/soccer team I ever played on. I was five, and lived in Texas at the time. As far as I remember I didn't really understand the rules all to well and spent half the time running up the pitch the opposite way like a drunken bolt of green lightning.  I did win a medal first and based on the skills I demonstrated today it's safe to say my last too!

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Neen said...

the kids loved the jerseys - a week later and they are still wearing them! success!