Sunday, August 1, 2010


Neen and I went to see 'Inception' Saturday evening...really great film! Go out and see it now!

It got me thinking though. The previous Friday night I was having some pretty interesting dreams. I was as usual completely aware I was dreaming. I also knew I would forget the aforementioned dreams immediately upon awakening. For whatever reason I really wanted to remember that particular nights adventures so while still dreaming I started thinking.

"I wonder do I have a piece of paper and a pencil on my bedside table? If so I can quickly scribble down a few notes and fall back to sleep." I remembered I didn't so instead worked on a plan B.

Still dreaming I pondered, "Maybe instead I can jot down a few notes on my phone?!...No the phone is off, by the time I turn it on, wait for it to load, create the notes and turn it back off I'll have fully woken up and will be unable to fall back to sleep, thus killing the dream". That wasn't going to work either.

Still dreaming I then thought, "Maybe I should just leave some reminders for myself within the dream itself...clues my subconscious would be able to find and share with my conscious self  the following day". Strange I know, but in the dream I thought it would work. So that's exactly what I did. In the dream I wrote down what I had been dreaming about over the course of the night and left said notes in various spots within the dream world. 

The following morning it kind of worked...I remembered the act of both writing and hiding the notes but as for the specifics of dreams themselves I only recalled a few minor details. A few pieces if you will.

So just wondering.

1. When YOU dream are you aware that you are dreaming?

2. If so do you remember your previous nights dreams upon awakening?. 

3.Alternatively have you ever attempted mid-dream to subconsciously leave notes to yourself for the following day?

4, Do you dream in colour? (I know scientists suggest as fact, that humans dream in black and white but I know colour plays an integral role in my own dreams at least. I have tested myself, while dreaming questioning and manipulating colours within the dream itself...

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brad said...

Have you read about lucid dreaming? It's seems that where you're headed.

I have sometimes had moments in dreams like that. Some of those have been while I'm reading something in the dream and realize the thing is just dream text so doesn't mean anything. I haven't tried to leave notes in the dream, but have had a notebook or my PDA to write notes about dreams when I woke up.

Color? I'm not sure. I think so.