Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday Shenanigans!

Every Friday Neens brother and Sister come up to stay the night...more often than not we end up feeling a bit on the mischievous side so the kids and I have this running bit...we will go to the local Centra and dare Shauna to do something funny at the checkout or in the store itself... nothing disrespectful just a bit of fun...Ant recently bought a Flip camcorder so sometimes he ends up filming said skit, and uploads it to his Youtube account.

On Friday while Neen was asleep on the couch I decided to take the kids as far as the shop for ice cream...we weren't feeling hugely inspired so the nights task was a simple one. Shauna had to simply say to the checkout clerk,

 "I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream" 

We each chose our ice cream and I went up to the counter to pay, Shauna followed me waiting attentively for the perfect moment to make her move. Shauna stood staring at the woman for the entire transaction...the woman clearly perturbed simply stared back. The minute I stepped away, Shauna very slowly and seriously, still staring at the clerk said  "I scream (pause) scream, (pause)....we all scream (pause)... for ice cream"

The woman not laughing or in any way knowing what was going on just stared at Shauna, then looked at me as if for an explanation. I remarked honestly that it was 'A Dare' and we left the shop chuckling!

In high spirits as we walked home the three of us began plotting ....I'm not entirely sure whether it was Shauna or Ants idea in the end, but they decided: If Neen was still asleep on our return I would...wait for it...put on an old Spiderman Hallowe'en costume I have....sit down next to her on the couch and wait for her to wake up! I would then say in a bemused and sleepy Neen, "I bought you an Ice cream"...Strange I know...but at the time we thought it would be a good idea.

Neen was indeed still asleep so I popped the suit on, crept slowly into the sitting room and Ant grabbed his Camcorder and stood back ready to film Neens eventual reaction. Unfortunately she woke up at the exact moment I sat down...but her reaction was still pretty funny nonetheless...Neen was at first not amused but we made it up to her by giving her the ice cream we brought home for the end Neen even popped the mask on herself as did both Shauna and Ant.

If you'd like to see the now infamous footage on Ants channel click here

Here are another two of Shauna's 'Shop Dares' also viewable on Antony's channel here and here

Sorry Centra!...but kids are only kids for so long! As long as they remain polite, I'm more than happy to go along with a bit o' tomfoolery now and then! : )

Mischief managed...

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melanie said...

Lol, brilliant! you lot are nuts! I laughed so much when Neen told me about this, just brill!!!! :)