Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazy Sunday!

As per our usual Neen, the pets and I had a super lazy Sunday... Neen crocheted, I read, drew and pottered around. We also watched a couple of films...Neen and Hope commandeered the couch, while Sora and I grabbed the crochet blanket and set up camp on the arm chair! Sora absolutely adores sleeping under blankets....thought this was really funny...she spent a big chunk of the afternoon asleep on my lap, completely hidden under the blanket...except of course for one fluffy foot which she duly left popped out one of the holes! I had the camera next to me, so I couldn't resist capturing the moment!

This kind of reminds me of something that happened the last night...Neen and I had just finished some dinner and were watching TV in the sitting room when we heard a peculiar buzzing noise. After a few moments Neen identified the source of the hum. A black wasp/hornet was flying around the inside of our wickery, weavey ceiling lampshade...It pretty much already looks like your average hornets nest so I assume he was contemplating moving in...Neen like most doesn't like wasps, so she set off screaming...the wasp seemed pretty happy with himself so at first I said "Lets just leave him for now...if he comes out I'll move him" After a while Neen was still pretty nervous so I thought it was safer to just put him outside. I grabbed a jar, dropped a bit of jam in it and proceeded to catch him. He went straight for the jam and I covered the jar and released him into the cool night air. Well here comes the funny part. Neen still feeling itchy from the close encounter of the sting-y kind had had enough and decided an early night was in order...addressing no one in particular she rushed into the bedroom, turned on the light, scanned the room, grabbed the blanket and muttered "it's a sad fact I have to check the bedroom for the....

As she pulled off the duvet to jump in and was about to say "Cats" she screamed! Sora was in the very center of the bed, and had been sleeping under the thick blanket, since I can only assume dinner time!


Neen said...

have had a lovely Sunday with you and our lovely pets :)

melanie said...

Lovely photos Morg, love the one of neen crocheting, and the one of the kitty paw is so cute :)