Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gang Signs, Drop Spindles and Shadow Puppetry...Now that's a party!

Yesterday was my fathers 52nd Birthday! The family all gathered at my parents house for dinner, cake cutting and general tom-foolery!

My sister Genny and wife Neen.

My sister Milo and Genny's Boyfriend Graham.

Genny and Graham drawing.

Neen chattin' to her friend Mel via email.

Please dad, no gang-signs! : )


Genny and Graham makin' shadow puppets!

Playing on the Wii.

Mom crocheting.

Neen and Nanna O'Brien.

Neen teaching my Nanna how to use a drop spindle.

Neen teaching Milo...

Milo made a hat...

Proof I was there! : ) I had a sore tooth....


melanie said...

Hope your tooth is better now. Love the photo of Neen emailing me :) Missing you both loads! Love your mams chair, is that where she always does her crocheting? looks like a very comfy chair. And I am so pleased to see a picture of Nanna after hearing so much about her :)

Neen said...

love these shots baby xx