Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Beach...Yay!!!

Yesterday evening Neen and I were in Renmore so given it was a beautiful evening we all decided to go to the beach which is a 2 minute walk from their house. There is a purpose built path leading through the undergrowth all the way to the beach.

Before you reach the beach itself there is a fresh water pond to the left...home to ducks, frogs and the like, and until recently a mating pair of swans too. (In Galway, when either the cob or the pen from a mating pair dies the remaining swan generally moves to the Claddah to live out it's life with the other un-paired birds.)

Shauna; Neen; Ant and I did are best to feed the ducks... a paddling of mallard drakes and hens. The visiting seagulls however didn't make things easy. They greedily gobbled up as much of the ducks bread as they possibly could, to a  noisy chorus of "Mine", "Mine", "Mine"! 

Finally we reached the beach itself...'dead mans beach' they call it, for obvious, if not gruesome reasons. It's a beautifully secluded spot...perfect for a brisk run or walk with the dogs...only the brave swim here though and rarely outside of the summer months.

Ben absolutely loves the beach and is brought there most evenings! He runs head first into the cool salty waves...battling evil rocks and fearlessly fighting ferocious crabs!

After a quick paddle with Neen, Shauna decided she fancied a swim too...we were close to home so we thought what off with the jacket and in she dived with Neen watching close by. Ant and I however stayed shore-side where it was warm and most importantly dry!

After a while Shauna eventually emerged from the icy depths and Neen dried her off. She definitely deserves her nickname 'Tuna'. I gave her my coat and we left straight for home, as it was getting late and a bit chilly!

I gave the tired, wet and cold monkey a lift back to the house....well most of the way anyway! Sadly she's growing up way to fast for my liking!

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Neen said...

I had a lovely day at the beach - and the reason was because you were there xx