Friday, September 24, 2010


I've taken to drinking Earl Grey tea this weather, black with one sugar. Chiefly because I have been watching so many Star Trek the Next Generation episodes which feature Jean-Luc Picard drinking that particular type. Every time he'd order a cup from the food simulator I'd silently think "I wonder what it tastes like?" So the last day during the weekly shop in Tesco I thought why not! And popped a box in the shopping trolly. The hint of bergamot, which gives Earl Grey it's highly distinguishing taste is lovely. I'm been struggling to find a replacement for my morning coffee. I love coffee but noticed a direct correlation between drinking milk and my sinus allergies...I'm not allergic to milk, I can still have cheese and cream...but dropping the milk seems to be helping some what...maybe it's all in my mind...all I know is I'd really love a Latte! So what's your hot beverage of choice?


brad said...

"Tea, Earl gray, hot" is not my favorite drink, but I like how the Captain says it.

morganobrienart said...

Ya I love how he says it...I'd like to think if I lived in a time period with actual food replicators I'd say "thank you" to it, after every meal!