Friday, September 24, 2010

Who's Birthday Was it Again?

Today was Neens Birthday, but you'd swear it was mine. We went to town (details in post above) and after all the waiting Season 3 of 'The Big Bang Theory' finally hit the shelves! I love this show so much! It's by far my favorite on air at the moment and I've been impatiently waiting for the release of the box set. We haven't been able to watch any of season three as we only have two television channels and neither of those bought the broadcast rights for the third season. Their is over 500 minutes of footage! I cant wait to get watchin' : )

Next up...I'm a huge Oliver Jeffers fan. I have all his books to date. Today Neen bought his new book for me! As usual the illustrations are breathtakingly brilliant and the story precise and perfect in every way.  'Up and Down' is the sequel to his earlier book 'Lost and Found' I highly recommend both the book and the Animated TV special of the same name. Neen also gave me 'Eric' by Shaun Tan, another hugely talented guy. 'Eric' is a story first featured in Tans larger book 'Tales from Outer Suburbia.' and is quite brilliant!!

Last but definitely not least is another book I very happily stumbled across today called 'A Bit Lost' by Chris Haughton. This book is amazing. I absolutely love it! Every page is perfect. Easily my favorite of the three.

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