Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bingo, Walkmen and Orange Ukulele's

Neen and I went into town today to potter around and window shop before dropping out to Renmore to babysit the kids for the night! Although technically given their respective ages it isn't really babysitting anymore...Shauna and I did a bit of drawing, while Neen and Ant busied themselves on their computers. We watched a Disney Channel movie, a bit of Top Gear, and a couple episodes of Myth Busters too.

Neen and I bought Tuna a new mp3 player and gave it to her this was a gift for all the hard work she has been doing this summer. She is only 11 but donated every Thursday to help out in Neen's nursing home. Tuna, would chat and walk with the residents, give them hand-rubs, help with BINGO etc. I'm a big ol' fan of Sony Walkmans...I have one...Neen has a pink lipstick shaped one, so we bought Tuna a ruby red and black Sony NWZ-E443.
It's pretty darn cool, has everything she could need, video, photo gallery, fm radio, voice recorder and luckily enough plays music too.  Her first albums on it were, Hanna Montana 3, Glee 1 and 2, Planet Jedward, The Mamma Mia soundtrack and Aquarium by Aqua. I loved listening to music at her age I remember it so well...I had a Panasonic cassette player. I won it on a children's weekend television show, called 'The Swamp' I sent in a drawing and it was chosen best of the week I think...I was so happy! This cassette player was perfect...I used to lie in bed awake half the night just listening and listening until the batteries ran out. I remember it featured XBS technology...extra base system...I thought it was so cool. I used to shove my earphones onto random unsuspecting visitors ears saying "you gotta listen to this".

Funnily enough at the time, around 1997 when I was 12/13 I too was listening to Aqua's album 'Aquarium', along with Ace of Bases 'The Bridge' and 'Happy Nation' and last but not least 'Yanni-Live in the Acropolis'.

We are home now and Neen is on her laptop...posting on  Ravelry I think, Hope is snoring behind my left ear...Sora is outside exploring. The turles are asleep....All quiet on the western front. The silence is a relief for my fellow house-mates I fear...Neen very kindly surprised me with an orange  Korala Ukulele today...I love it and have been strumming away on it all night...sounding a bit like a deaf raven...You Tube to the rescue...I hope I can track down a few decent tutorials to teach me the basics!


brad said...

I bought a Sony similar to that for my wife last Xmas. It's become the main music player for the house. It was for her car, but was cumbersome there due to the car's GUI and USB interface.

Robert Watt said...

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