Sunday, September 26, 2010

Remember Cassettes?

Remember cassettes?...Or more specifically remember mix-tapes? I didn't have much music as a young child...not that I didn't listen to it, Mom and Dad of course had cassettes and eventually CD's but I was pretty much stuck with whatever was in the house...I must add we didn't have cable so I wasn't exposed to "popular" music almost at all until age 11. 

My first introduction to music other than that of the inherited variety was through a great childhood friend Chris Brasfield. He had an impressive set-up in his bedroom...a portable black and white television AND a Hi-Fi. Boy was I envious. Any who back to the crux of my story: Chris copied for me two albums when I was around 9. Ace of Base's "Happy Nation" and The Animaniac's soundtrack. But Chris's aforementioned Hi-Fi also had....drum role please.....a microphone! 

So I'm given these tapes, run home pop 'em into the cassette player with giddy anticipation that night and who's voice do I hear? Chris's of course...Introducing the first song...saying he thinks i'll like it, Young and Proud in particular was one of his favorites too I seem to recall.  Lying there in the dark I was surprised and impressed in equal measure! I used to love listening to those. The running commentary made it all the more special....back then of course music piracy meant some kid in a pirate costume had stolen your Walkman! 

BTW the cassette above is the original mentioned in the post, dating back to 1993, I stumbled across it the last day in the studio.


Chris Brasfield said...

This made my day! My favorite part of this is that the two albums were Ace of Base and the Animaniacs. Hillarious!
Great to hear from you! We need to keep in touch.

brad said...

Yeah, those were the days: making mix tapes from vinyl.