Saturday, September 25, 2010

Neens Birthday

Today was Neens Birthday! I woke up early and made her some breakfast, fed the cats and turtles then gave her her presents! I bought her a Sewing Machine, a really cool Singer Confidence 7467...(which based on our initial few hours highly recommend!) Chanel lipstick, Pink Fiskars Fabric Scissors, Earrings, Chocolates and Flowers. (I must add buying the right shade of lipstick for a woman is friggin' hard!) We then went to town. 

The first place we stopped into was TKMax and you'll never guess what I found! My favorite Tea in the whole world! Dilmah Ceylon Gold. (Kind of ironic considering my recent post 'Tea? )' I tried it for the first time years ago in Krakow, loved it and brought a box back. You can't buy it in Ireland anywhere so anytime one of Neens Polish work colleagues went home to Poland, they would very kindly bring me home a box. It has been a couple of years since I've had any though! Of all the places in all the world....I find a couple of boxes next to the check out in TK Max. (If you don't have a TKMax near you, it's a clothing store)

Next up Neen got her hair cut in Annettes (Doesn't she look pretty) and I read a couple chapters from '1984' while I waited. Neen and I then hit a couple of craft shops, 'Hickeys' and 'Pippa Blue' where she bought some material and thread to try out her new machine with. We then had a quick spot of lunch and did a bit more window shopping....mostly book stores and then HMV. To top off a great day we shared afternoon Tea in Sweetie Pie's! We have been waiting a long time to go there...we kind of wanted a special occasion. It was worth the wait! Everything is baked in house and the cakes, sandwiches and tea were lovely...a real birthday treat! If you're ever in Galway you should drop in for a cuppa and cupcake! Tell them Neen and Morg sent ya! They won't have a clue who you are talking about mind! ; )

After a lot of walking talking and shopping we got a cab home! It was a really wonderful day! Oh and if your interested Neen Blogged about today on her blog too....might be interesting reading two sides of the story! LINK


melanie said...

What a lovely birthday Neen had, I am so pleased she enjoyed every moment of it :)

morganobrienart said...

Hi Mel, It was a super weekend! : )