Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Market, Tesco and the Toy Show

Friday evening before the Toy Show, Neen and I brought the kids into town so they could check out the Christmas Continental Market which they hadn't yet seen. Before hand we had a look around in the shops, then had a quick bite to eat in McDonalds!

The first place we stopped in the market was a Finnish stall that sells knit wear, it was absolutely freezing and Neen and I were on the look out for gloves. I had seen a pair of mittens for sale the last time we were there but alas they were gone this time around. I really should have bought them we I saw them. I was looking for mittens in particular because I have big hands and liked the idea of having gloves that fit properly. Usually the fingers are too small...I'll have to keep looking!

Everyone was very cold but had a really good time!

Before we headed home we dropped into Tesco to do the weekly shop. Tuna had a sore foot so we commandeered two trolleys. One for the food which Neen piloted. The other for Tuna to sit in, which Ant and I took charge of. 

Just for fun we played a game, Tuna covered her eyes with her hat and before we put the food in the shopping trolley we handed it to her, and she had to guess what it was...

Tuna then took control of the camera and snapped away, here are some of her photos....

Finally after a long day we made it home in time to put away the groceries, make some hot chocolate and get nice and cozy for the show...

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