Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sora and the Prickly Tree...

When I woke up yesterday morning and entered the dining room, Sora met me at the door and had this stuck to her tail, given she is a long-haired tortoiseshell she often comes in with bits of leaves and the occasional branch but this was HUGE and super prickly....the overgrowth behind our house is full of thorny plants, for some reason they have all developed some serious self-defense mechanisms. This species is no exception.

When I cut it off and got a good look at it, the first thing it reminded me of was the little tree in 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' Sora loves Christmas trees, but obviously wasn't a fan of having this attached to her!

Just Sora chillin' in the winter sunlight as it shun through the dining room window this afternoon!

Sora, sleeping on the tank, as usual, the terrapins didn't seem to mind at all and were quite happily basking just inches from her furry foot. I'm getting the turtles a new tank between now and Christmas...just on the look out for a good deal at the moment. They're both males and don't have a huge amount of growin' left so this could be their last upgrade.

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