Monday, November 22, 2010

Poor Hope

Hope our cat hasn't been well at all this past week and we, Neen and I have been really really worried. Earlier this year Hope was diagnosed with cancer of the bone and had her left hind-leg amputated. Since then she has been brilliant. The missing limb hasn't slowed her at all, and absolutely nothing has changed for her. It was really inspiring watching her deal with a disability many a human, myself included would find life-changing and extremely difficult to cope with.

I have, since the operation naturally been checking her remaining limbs for pain or other signs of relapse but luckily up to this week she has been completely clear. Tuesday morning last she left the house fully fit, but by the time she returned home later that afternoon her remaining rear leg was swollen and visibly sore. We immediately became worried because the injury was identical to the early stages of what we now know to have been bone cancer.

We kept her in for a couple of days and when then swelling worsened we brought her to the Vets Friday night. They were equally apprehensive but initiall inspection of the limb in question found no evedince just yet of relapse. The vet gave her antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory's and we are bringing Hope back in tomorrow for an x-ray which should shine some light on the issue. If it is as we fear, cancer the only option will be to have her put to sleep, as obviously she can't nor should one expect her to live with only two limbs. It's heartbreaking and I have been so worried this week. Besides the foot, she is in a great mood, all we can do is hope and pray it's not as bad as it seems.

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