Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bad Luck, Good Luck...

It's been a week of mixed-virtues. On Thursday within an hour or so my phone broke, and my computer started bugging out! The phone is unfortunately a right-off...I got caught in a rain shower and water seeped into it somehow.....The computer however I'm still working on. In truth there is no fault with the computer itself. A single program I use every single day Adobe Flash has a bug of some sort and keeps crashing and causing the computer all sorts of problems. This has happened once before...and I did eventually managed to fix it, unfortunately I tried so many things at the time I never identified the actual fault and thus never figured out which of the remedies was the one to work. Say a prayer for me I get it sorted's stressin' me out big time!

On the other hand it has been a lucky week too for both Neen and myself. On Monday night while perusing her favorite magazine Neen happened upon the letters page and noticed an email she sent to the editor months ago had been published. On top of that it was chosen as that issues favorite letter and she won a years subscription to the magazine. (You can read more about Neens win and our Halloween weekend on Neens blog here)

Not only that but thursday last we were watching 'The Panel' an Irish current affairs comedy-style chat show. One of the guests that week was Wolf Expert Shaun Ellis (google him, he's great!)...I love wolves and was absolutely fascinated by the interview. 

Any way, occasionally guests on The Panel will bring in something to give away to one lucky viewer. Shaun Ellis had brought in a copy of his new book and a native american pouch filled with wolf hair from his pack...not everyones cup of tea understandably but for me the coolest prize imaginable. To win you simply had to email the production company suggesting why you should be chosen. Neen knew immediately when they announced the prize that it was something I would absolutely love, so before the show had even knelled to a close she had sent in her entry for me. Still feeling giddy and given we had our laptops on we decided to send in a video entry too! So naturally as one does, we sent in a video of the two of us howling like wolves....I know what you're thinking but let me explain! As part of that weeks show Shaun demonstrated his ability to accurately howl like a wolf, and of course the panel of comedians one by one gave it a go too! It made sense at the time...: ) 

So a week passed and this Thursday we tuned into the show to hear the winner being announced...and it was us! Yay! : ) I can't wait to read the book and see the pouch in person. We watched the recent National Geographic special about Shaun Ellis and his work earlier this evening and it definitely left me wanting to read's a book I would have bought and read regardless of whether we won or not! So thanks Neen for entering for me and being my partner in madness!

In case your curious here is a link to the clip in question.... Wolf Howl ( : ) Cringe)

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brad said...

Yeah, that's a mixed bag of things. I think winning a prize through a TV show like that wins out though. Excellent work :-)