Sunday, November 21, 2010

Curious and Curiouser...

A couple weeks ago my Nokia E63 broke, I explained what happened in an earlier post but to surmise water got into the phone and fried the circuits. I was bummed, I looked into getting a replacement but the options available weren't great. Realistically I needed a couple of specific features WiFi, Qwerty keyboard, Camera and large screen...and the current phones available with said features were pretty pricey. I opted to wait until maybe after Christmas and ended up borrowing a phone to temporarily tide me over.

So what to do with the broken handset? The store confirmed water damage such as this can't be fixed, you also can't trade in a non-working handset against the eventual purchase of a new one. I decided instead to recycle it. I remembered a place that recycles old phones, Well I e-mailed them, they sent out a freepost envelope and the day I was sending the phone off I thought to myself..."I know I've checked countless times this week but before I seal the envelope I'll try to turn it on one last time" Well I turned the phone on, and miraculously everything was working again. No more flashing interface and unresponsive keys. I couldn't believe it. It's been working perfectly since and with any luck i'll at the very least get a few more months out of it! The  Fins really no how to make a  hardy phone.

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